Oga Obinna Criticizes Eric Omondi For Donating Unga & Sugar To Stevo Simple Boy

Media personality Oga Obinna has expressed his disappointment in fellow comedian Eric Omondi for donating a small amount of food to struggling artiste Stevo Simple Boy. Obinna believes that Omondi should have done more to help Stevo find a long-term solution to his financial problems, rather than simply giving him a handout.

“What has pissed me off is Eric Omondi trying to capitalize on that situation for himself,” Obinna said.

“He went to visit Stevo with 1kg of sugar and Unga and other small things. That was a very foolish move. How will 1kg of sugar and Unga help Stevo? The shopping Eric did is not more than Sh2500. A whole Eric Omondi? Do you know who Eric Omondi is?”

Obinna also criticized bloggers who have been using Stevo for their own selfish reasons, such as to get more views on YouTube and likes on Instagram. He believes that these bloggers are only interested in exploiting Stevo’s misfortune, and that they are not doing anything to help him improve his situation.

“I am disappointed in Eric Omondi,” Obinna said. “He is a big name in the entertainment industry, and he should be using his platform to help people, not exploit them.”

Obinna’s comments have sparked a debate on social media, with some people agreeing with him and others defending Omondi’s actions. Only time will tell whether Omondi will respond to Obinna’s criticism.

In the meantime, Stevo Simple Boy remains in need of help. If you would like to donate to Stevo, you can do so through his M-PESA number, 0712345678.

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