Oga Obinna dismantles LGBTQ socialite Brian Chira

One of the few famous people who still appears to have sympathy for infamous provocateur Brian Chira is comedian Oga Obinna.

The former host of Kiss100 has publicly speculated as to why Chira is acting in an increasingly unpredictable manner.

In a video posted to his Instagram page with the description “Boychild is hurting,” Obinna said that he thought the TikTok star was pleading for help.

“Brian Chira is hurting and it’s a call for help. So whoever can help kindly do so cause what you Kenyans are doing is not good. You have heard he also dissed me. He said he came and I treated him like a VIP, I treated him like a human being. Sadly to say despite all the things we agreed on at our meeting, he has gone against all I said. Mimi sasa nimeosha mkono. I’m out but remember everything has consequences.”

He continued by criticizing Kenyans for watching Chira’s tumultuous existence in which he has attacked other celebrities like Azziad, Obinna, Huddah, Jalang’o, and even Vera Sidika.

“He’s continuing to choma and you Kenyans are doing a very wrong thing. You’re gassing him u, you’re watching his Lives, making him feel like he’s winning, while he’s not! Wow! It’s a cry for help. Man come on!”

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