Oga Obinna, Eric Omondi Beef Over Followers And Money (Video)

Jesters Eric Omondi and Oga Obinna are in stiff beef comparing who’s better than the other.

The genesis of their beef  was Eric Omondi’s cross-dressing that roped in numerous reactions from celebrities.

Most of them heavily denigrated his act terming it as obnoxious and peculiar- including Eddie Butita, and Oga Obinna.

Eric was unhappy with these sentiments and lost his cool.

He hit back with a hefty comparison

If you are Kenyan entertainer, do not ever address me. I have more followers than you, more money than you, more experience that you. Don’t ever address me, I’m saying this for the very last time. Leo naskia Obinna and Kamene waliniongelelea kwa Kiss TV. Obinna? Kamene? What is your talent? Who listens to Kiss? Your radio is dead. Don’t address me… Don’t mention the Presidents name,” Omondi warned.

Obinna & Kamene Respond

Both Obinna and Kamene couldn’t eschew response to avoid looking like the weaklings on Eric’s bitter rant. They admonished Eric to shush over the money issue, with both of them bragging they have more money than the comedian.

Obinna admitted Eric has more followers than him, and added that it’s the only thing he has more than him. He cited that the singer had a headstart because he started his comical career earlier.

The three are yet to settle their predicaments. But the money issues is indeed debatable. Who’s fooling who?


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