Oga Obinna Threatens To Leave Kiss 100 If Eric Shows Up For An Interview

The woes between Eric Omondi and Kenyan celebrities continues- this time with fellow comedian Oga Obinna. The  Kiss FM presenter has reiterated his hatred for the comedian for criticizing musicians & a couple of his counterparts.

The jester has for the better part of 2022 made headlines due to his push for the passage of a bill in Parliament that was meant to support local music.

The funny man has been pushing for the Members of Parliament to enact a law that would see local broadcasting stations play 75 percent of Kenyan content.

Eric’s advocacy has however seen him brush shoulders with fellow entertainers due to his sustained criticism of players in the entertainment industry. The controversial comedian has been subject to criticism from musicians, fellow comedians and DJs.

Obinna vs Eric Omondi

Obinna is among the numerous celebrities who are disenchanted with Eric’s sentiments on Kenyan personalities not being good enough. He threatened to leave his job if he ever saw Eric do an interview in the station.

”I don’t like the guy. Have you ever seen Eric here? Everyone in this building knows Eric should not be seen anywhere around this building. I told the security guys.  Eric is a bully, he’s childish, he’s mis-informed… Eric will not set foot in this studio. And if he comes, I will leave. ”

Obinna maintained that Eric should not be taunting gospel artists and claiming that they’re philanderers yet he has no evidence.

Eric Omondi has however, showed up at Kiss FM studios to confront Obinna. Let’s wait & see how things unfold.


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