ONE ON ONE: Timmy Tdat reveals his plans of getting back on radio

A few days ago, I called up Timmy Tdat. I wanted to know how his collabo with Mr. Seed titled Sijali came to be but we ended up talking about other things such as; the Gengetone wave, his short stint on radio, relationships etc.

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On working with Mr Seed the singer whose real name is Timothy Owuor revealed that they’ve always been friends, adding that they both grew up in the slums so it was not hard for them to relate.

Timmy Tdat

Timmy further explained that Mr Seed had sent him two songs in the past but he did not jump on them because he was not feeling their vibe and he wanted to release a big song with the Papa God Ooh singer.

We also talked about his short stint on radio and apparently he had to quit NRG Radio because he realized that his music career was lagging behind.

“I have always wanted to work in media. As a matter of fact, that is what I studied in school. So when someone approached me about an opportunity to work on radio I said yes,” Timmy explained.

He revealed that working on radio had two sides, a the good and the bad. One one hand, the Dus Nyau hitmaker was networking and landing endorsement deals while on the other hand he was making himself too available.

“As an artist or a brand, you are supposed to be scarce. If someone is constantly listening to you on radio they will opt to listen to other things because they know they will still listen to you the next day,” Timmy added.

Timmy Tdat
Timmy Tdat

Asked whether he would ever consider getting back on radio, he said maybe when he is old so that he can advice the youngsters who will be trying to penetrate the industry at the time.

About Gengetone, Timmy explained that it’s a blessing because it kicked out Nigerian, Tanzanian and South African songs from clubs and drew Kenyans back to listening to their own music.

Timmy Tdat also said that his bad boy image is just a brand that he has to maintain because that is how his fans want to see him comparing it to actors who are killers in movies but very polite in real life.

Listen to the full interview below.

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