Otile Brown and Ethic have finally dropped their collabo ‘Dala Dala’ and it’s a massive hit (Video)

Image: Otile Brown and Ethic

What a time to be alive, like really! Who thought we’d one day see Otile Brown and Ethic on one track? I bet none of you did.

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Well, that day is finally here. A few hours ago, the two Kenyan music powerhouses dropped a jam dubbed Dala Dala and as expected, it slaps really hard!

The little Swahili I know tells me that dala dala is mini bus or a matatu if you like.

However, in the context of this song, it signifies that life is a journey i.e, you need to travel but it can cost you, hence dala dala. You get it?

Ethic Entertainment

Of course we are used to Otile Brown singing along to a Bongo beat but do you know what’s better that? It’s Swat and Seska vibing to it.

My best part of course was by Seska! in my opinion, he really killed it! He outdid himself on this track.

There’s a part where he says, “Nikikupea silver goro ntapea Kamene, ju mimi ni girimba kuwashia kama meme.”

If this is not greatness then I really don’t know what is! I honestly don’t know ladies and gentlemen.


Side note: We really missed Rekless and Zilla on this jam. I could not help but imagine how they would have aced this beats.

Everything about this song is on point, from the scene transitions to the beat which was produced by Magix Enga.

Actually, if I was to rate it I would confidently give it an 11 (eleven) out of 10, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Watch Dala Dala below and tell us what you think.

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