Otile Brown will play during the funeral service for Brian Chira

Singer Otile Brown has expressed his readiness to perform at the upcoming burial ceremony of the late Brian Chira, scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

In a recent update shared by Mpasho, Otile acknowledged the impact of Chira’s passing on his song “One Call,” which features Ruby from Tanzania. The track has gained increased popularity since Chira’s death, with fans flocking to Otile’s YouTube page and other streaming platforms to listen to it.

Expressing his sentiments, Otile stated, “What Chira is doing to #OneCall is just crazy. His light is bright and the love is felt. Sending you love and prayers…rest well king.”

He further expressed his desire to perform the song at Chira’s burial to make the occasion memorable. Otile encouraged attendees to learn the lyrics so they could sing and celebrate Chira’s life together.

Recently, Otile paid tribute to Chira upon learning that the TikToker loved his song “One Call.” Reflecting on the loss, Otile wrote, “Rest easy young King. This life thing can get crazy sometimes. I can only try to understand till we meet again,” expressing gratitude for the love shown towards “One Call.”

Chira’s burial is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2024, in Githunguri, where he will be laid to rest in a graduation gown as per his grandmother’s request.

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