Pastor Ezekiel attacks Diamond Platnumz for using soul ties and witchcraft

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Famous Kenyan televangelist Pastor Ezekiel Odero has condemned men who impregnate women and then dump them with the children.

During his recent sermon, Pastor Ezekiel reflected on the challenges faced by those left to raise children alone, referencing a “famous bongo artiste” who has made headlines for his relationships.

Singer Diamond Platnumz

“There is a famous bongo artiste who habitually gets different women pregnant. He has sired several children with various women. And when he loves them, these girls don’t care. They think they are the only ones he will date,” Pastor Ezekiel preached.

The pastor expressed that the artist’s life journey has seen him fathering children with different women and then parting ways.

“He took one from Kenya and impregnated her and then dumped her. He doesn’t have the spirit of marriage.”

The artist that Pastor Ezekiel is referring to is Diamond Platnumz, a Tanzanian singer who has four baby mamas. His relationships with these women have been the subject of much media attention.

Diamond’s most recent relationship was with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna. The two seemed poised for a grand wedding, but their relationship ultimately fizzled out.

Tanasha Donna has spoken openly about why she chose to date Diamond, despite his past reputation. She said that she had seen beyond his past and that she was willing to give him a chance.

However, Diamond’s past relationships have also been marked by infidelity. His ex-wife, Zari Hassan, has accused him of cheating on her multiple times.

Pastor Ezekiel’s sermon has sparked a debate about the responsibility of men in relationships. Some people believe that men should be held accountable for their actions, while others believe that women should be more careful about who they choose to date.

The issue is complex, and there is no easy answer. However, Pastor Ezekiel’s sermon has raised important questions about the expectations of men and women in relationships.

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