Pastor Ng’ang’a Throws Shade At Benny Hinn After His Fake Prophecy Confession

Pastor Ng’ang’a has expressed his disenchantment with foreign pastors, who come out to make fake prophecies about Kenya.

The ‘Neno’ Evangelism pastor was quite emotional while expressing how disappointed he is with Kenyans who come out to support foreign pastors instead of supporting their own.

”Kenya imevamiwa na kila nchi. every country. Ata wa Nigeria, Wa Ghana, Wa Uganda, every country. Everybody is coming to Kenya. Can you value our shillings? Stop nonesense,” he started off.

The pastor went on to admonish foreign pastors not to try and prophecy anything that’s within their jurisdiction and country.

“Tabiria Rais wa Kwenyu…sijui umeonyeshwa Kenya…don’t bring nonsense here in Kenya, kila mtu akiamka sijui I saw Kenya…what is that?”

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Ng’ang’a addressing Benny Hinn?

While Ng’anga’s outrage might be general, his statement comes just a day after American preacher Benny Hinn publicly confessed that he might have made false prophecies before.

There were times when I thought God had shown me something, but he hadn’t, and I spoke it out, and I wish I could go back and fix it, sadly. There were some prophecies I gave out that were not accurate; those things went outside of redemption. Anything that’s out of redemption is not a prophecy.

He further requested to be pardoned by the public for his antics.

And for that, I ask people to forgive me because I am just human, and I’ll probably make the same mistakes again down the road. Who knows, because I am not perfect. As long as we are in this imperfect body, we are not going to make perfect decisions, and it is also sad when people focus on times when you miss it but not when you are doing well.” Hinn continued.

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Pastor Ng’ang’as believes foreign pastors should focus on their own countries and avoid interfering in Kenyan affairs.

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