People judge our marriage based on how we relate on TV – Lulu Hassan reveals

Image: Celebrity TV couple Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

Gracing the screens may come with a package inclusive of fame and status but so does it tag along a fair share of challenges.

TV beauty queen, Lulu Hassan and her hubby, Rashid Abdalla are one of the most admired and envied TV couple on our local screens and the first to set such kind of a bar.

However, working together comes along with its setbacks.

Citizen TV top Swahili co-anchors, Lulu Hassan and hubby, Rashid Abdalla

Since these two are a couple, fans will more often than not judge them when they are presenting the news.

Up and close with Millard Ayo, Lulu stated that most times, fans and viewers tune into their bulletins, not to get the content, rather to gather information about their marriage.

First off all congratulations for asking that question, no one has ever asked. There are challenges. For instance, most people would watch news with a third eye. Some will watch to find out if we fought at home or we are good.

Some people will watch to find out if we fought at home or we are good – Lulu Hassan reveals

That is no big deal but it poses a challenge when the duo has to respond to every news item accordingly.

When it comes to sad news, there is nothing to laugh or smile about but for viewers, sad faces are a sign that things are not well at home for the two.

This for her, is one of the major challenges the mother of 3 adorable children, faces while working with her better half.

There are times we would be presenting sad news back to back, then you cannot smile. But to fans and viewers, they think we are not happy with each other due to our domestic issue, which is not the case.

Power media couple, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

Away from the TV screens, Lulu and Rashid run a film production company together.

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