Pierra Makena sheds tears as she narrates how she was trolled for getting fat (video)

Pierra Makena is currently hitting the gym to shed off the extra weight she gained when she was pregnant with her daughter. The mother of one gained a staggering 35 kilos.

Pierra gave birth to her daughter Ricca Pokot in July 2016. She didn’t bother going to the gym for two long years after she became a mother.

The sultry presenter on Monday got emotional and broke down as she narrated how she was cyberbullied for getting fat after she delivered her baby.

Hisia Campaign

Pierra was speaking during the launch of Hisia Campaign, an initiative by Jimmy Gait who is has been a victim of cyberbulling multiple times.

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“So when i woke up one morning and i was about 64 kgs. You don’t know the joy that my family had. My sisters, my family were happy every day and people would bring me food. So for me it was such a joyous moment and my family and my friends knew what it meant to have the weight. And just to get someone to post up on this pages and say how I look looked terrible with my weight it broke me down. At first I held my phone and I hurled insults. I put all the
“f” words, “n” words… all words that you never want to use in front of a baby,” Pierra Makena narrated in part.

Watch the video below:


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