Please Stop Taxing Us At This Tough Time- Terence Creative’s Emotional Message To YouTube

Most content creators have chosen YouTube as their main source of income, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have opted to follow the path of content creating and post videos on social media with an aim to earn a living from it.

Kenyan celebrities had previously joined hands to plead President Uhuru Kenyatta to unlock the country as many people were suffering. Seems like the more they talked about it, the more their efforts grew futile. Comedian and Youtuber Terence Creative is one of the celebrities who sympathize with those who rely on making money through YouTube. He has penned an emotional message to plead YouTube to stop taxing Kenyans as most of them are relying on it.

Terence’s Message

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Terence and Chebby-Google

Terence Creative wrote on his page,

”Dear YouTube please I beg you stop taxing us at this tough time. Our country Kenya is locked down and we no longer have any gigs as before. The entertainment industry is shut down. The little you give us monthly is what we use to run a few things here and there. If possible, just postpone the taxation until a further date let’s say after 8 months. Have mercy for content creators in Kenya, this could be our only source of income for now.”

It’s important to note that YouTube had previously announced that it would be deducting taxes from content creators who are no US citizens. Most content creators like Terence now feel the effect of the taxation. Will his cry be heard?

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