‘Police Are Not Trustworthy’-Jeff Mwathi’s Close Friend Reveals As He Swears Not To Give Up On The Case (Video)

The death of Jeff Mwathi has been topping the charts. Earlier, Jeff Mwathi was reported to have committed suicide; but we came to learn from the DCI that the youngin was actually killed.

A close friend of Jeff Mwathi, who has been on the frontline to push for justice, has now divulged that a post-mortem will be re-conducted and his body exhumed.

Mwathi’s friend claimed that the case was covered up by Kasarani Police and that’s why he’s on the frontline to seek justice for Mwathi.

”If we keep quite, everything will disappear.

He claimed that he has since received threats of his head being chopped off if he doesn’t give up on the case. He claims that his life is now in danger since people have been following him around with cars. However, Peter is ready to die for the case.

Peter also revealed that he and Mwathi’s family were contemplating on doing witchcraft on whoever killed him but later re-considered their decision.

Watch the full interview below;

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