Pretty Vishi is everything wrong with Nairobi girls

Pretty Vishi’s ex, Stivo Simple Boy has apparently gotten engaged (I use the term apparently because I am not sure it wasn’t all just a publicity stunt for a new project he’s working on) and the one person who is busy dunking on the whole engagement is his ex who is currently apparently with Madini Classic.

‘Hio Proposal Haikupangwa Vizuri’- Pritty Vishy Denigrates Stivo Simple Boy’s Proposal To New Girlfriend (Video)

Make all this nonsense make sense because I do not understand why a woman who dumped her ex and moved on is still trying to make sense of his engagement whether fake or otherwise.

Pretty Vishi is busy giving interviews about her ex rather than focusing on her new man and their relationship and this is a sign that perhaps all’s not well on her end because she should be basking and glowing in the new relationship energy.

Madini Classic & Girlfriend Pritty Vishy Conduct ‘Ruracio’ Ceremony

Her mental disposition should be that he can do whatever he wants because it doesn’t affect her. Hell, she shouldn’t even be contemplating what he is doing with his own existence. And yet we find ourselves here discussing her statements about her ex.

Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend: Pritty

“What I can advise the lady is when it comes to bedroom matters, she should be the one to push for it. She should also teach him how to be a man, how to be romantic. I wish them a happy relationship.

Lakini mahali alinigonga alini replace na mtu mrefu. Heri angeni replace na kafupi. Anyway, I’m happy for them by the way coz me hadi nime move on. You see? Kila mtu ame move on. Ikiflow ina flow tu…”

Stivo Simple Boy Sends Message To Pritty Vishy On Her New Relationship With Madini Classic

Why does she care? She needs to hanker down and try to earn a ring from her man. Let Stivo live his life and steer his relationship as he sees fit. Afterall, he is the only one between the two of them who’ll reap the rewards of his relationship if things go well for them.

Pretty Vishy’s utterances reminded me of the video that was doing the rounds on social media last year of the guy who was giving an interview about some issue and another man told him to focus on his own business and asking the government to give him a job, not mouthing off about things he did not fully comprehend.

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