Pretty Vishy and Madini Classic, Kenyans are tired of relationship publicity stunts

Pretty Vishy and Madini Classic have decided to tell the world that they are a couple now. Besides this being one of the more unbelievable couples to have started dating, I can’t help but think this to be a very ill-advised publicity stunt.

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I highly suspect that the singer from Coast has realised his career has stagnated and he is hoping the attention he can manage to grab by announcing such an unlikely coupling will eventually propel his career forward after jumpstarting it.

Madini Classic

But this is not the way to go for Madini Classic. Why you ask? For two main reasons, the first being that Pretty Vishy only really has clout online and in Nairobi at that but mainly because of audience fatigue.

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We as a people are tired of being strung along by desperate musicians who are afraid their music is either not connecting with the audience or that their creativity is lacking so they decide to chase after clout by having some improbable matches and relationships.

Madini Classic
Madini Classic

Madini Classic is 5 years too late for this stunt. What people want is music. And an example of this fact is Otile Brown who hdid his stunts with Vera Sidika and then he stopped doing silly stunts and focused on his music. This has resulted in an explosion of popularity for him.

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But assuming Bwana Classic thinks this relationship with Pretty Vishy will make him popular, what will he do to sustain the hype? Because the people paying attention to the couple are out of touch with his music. He is going to have to transition to either being a lifestyle content creator who shares with us all his love life shenanigans or he will have to step into her shadow because the real draw of them as a couple is Pretty Vishy.

None of the people paying attention to Madini Classic and Pretty Vishy are doing so because of him. We are all wondering what she did to land a guy like him. We are all wondering what she does that has made him fall for her. We are wondering what secrets she has to divulge and share.

Ultimately, he has become a laughing stock while she is seen as the master of relationships and this is not a great look for a man who puts out love RnB.

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