Prezzo throws major shade at an instagram user who trolled him on his photo…and he went straight for the jugular by attacking the guys mother

Being dumped by Mitchelle Oyola is definitely settling in as Prezzo is currently in his feelings.

They were showing on his instagram when he clapped back at a fan who tried to troll him. And it all started after he posted this:


This show of brovado however didn’t sit well with Kelvin Masakhwi who trolled the rapper with this statement:

“So it was your mum’s car I don’t understand???”

To which Prezzo clapped back with this:

Yes it was my mums car, I mean…same way ur mums mkokoteni belonged to u coz at the end of the day she ur mum & the mkokoteni belonged to u so Dnt hate @kelvinwhateverthefuckurnameis it’s jst life Dnt suffer from negligence… Life is a b*tch”

Yes, he took it to pettyville and dragged the poor guys mother along with him. Kelvin tried to fight back but unfortunately he had lost fair and square.

Check out their exchange here:


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