Prezzo’s girlfriend lands lucrative deal with condom manufacturing company after the drama surrounding her HIV status

Prezzo’s sweetheart Amber Lulu couldn’t hide her joy after sealing a deal with leading condom manufacturer to become the company’s brand ambassador.

The Tanzanian socialite disclosed during a radio interview that the deal involved a lot of money even though she didn’t disclose how much she got from the deal.

Amber Lulu signing the condom deal
Amber Lulu signing the condom deal

“I thank God for this opportunity. I have just signed a good deal with a condom company as their brand ambassador that involves a lot of money. It a very big step for me and my fans,” said Amber Lulu.


Amber Lulu’s deal comes after the drama surrounding her HIV status. Veteran singer TID warned Prezzo to use condom claiming that Amber Lulu was infested with tons of diseases.

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