Pritty Vishy and Her Mother Open Up About Their Dry Spells

In a heartwarming display of mother-daughter bonding, Pritty Vishy and her mother recently opened up about their experiences with dry spells. During a Q&A session on Pritty’s Instagram page, the duo revealed that they have both faced periods of celibacy, with Pritty’s mother admitting to a five-year dry spell while living in Saudi Arabia.

“It was tough finding the right person to get cozy with,” Pritty’s mother candidly shared. She further explained how being single and without intimacy had been her biggest challenge.

Pritty Vishy, known for her openness and honesty, echoed her mother’s sentiments, revealing her own ongoing dry spell. “I’m on a dry spell, six or seven years, so I’m practicing celibacy,” she confessed.

The mother-daughter duo’s candid conversation resonated with many viewers, who took to the comments section to share their own experiences and offer support. Some expressed admiration for their honesty, while others commended them for breaking the stigma surrounding dry spells.

Pritty Vishy and her mother’s openness about their personal lives has become a hallmark of their social media presence. Their willingness to share their experiences, both positive and negative, has fostered a sense of connection with their followers, creating a space where they can feel comfortable sharing their own stories.

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