Pritty Vishy back to begging Stevo Simple Bopy for attention

Fans were astounded by Pritty Vishy and Stivo Simple Boy’s antics when they flirted on Instagram live on Sunday night.

Grace Atieno, whom Simple Boy first revealed during his father’s funeral a few months ago, is his wife.

Audiences were treated to their flirtation when Vishy called her ex-boyfriend and put the call on speakerphone.

She seemed to be asking him when they could get together again.

“Nikupigie lini, nione mafikirio yako imefikia wapi.
Nitakwambia. Ngoja kile kitu, unaona vile maisha imekuwa kwa mtandao? …nataka nimalizie nikujulie”

Pritty Vishy typically keeps up with his life and can’t resist giving his opinion on any story written about him.

Usually, she’s expressing her worry and reminds him of all the advice she’s ever given him about not letting people take advantage of him, whether it be for professional or social situations.

Pritty looks eager for Stivo to respond, but Stivo is unsure as they carry on their flirtatious banter.

“Wah okay ni sawa, so nikupee miezi ngapi?”

She argues that he must provide her with a clear schedule so that she may plan her life around his request even if he is unable to give her a direct response.

“Hapana si uniambie tuu nikupee miezi ngapi ”

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