Pritty Vishy Criticizes Women Using Stivo Simple Boy for Clout, But Supports Wanja Kihii

Pritty Vishy has criticized women who use her ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy as leverage to advance their causes. However, she also supported Wanja Kihii, a new musician, in using Stevo’s name to promote her brand.

Vishy said that it is “funny how women are using person X for clout and to push their project while he’s just there.” However, she also said that she is proud of Wanja Kihii for “using him properly.”

A few weeks ago, Ngesh Wa Vasha, also known as Kazoze Kaveve, turned down Stevo’s advances. Stevo said that he still views Ngesh as unique and special, despite the rejection.

It is unclear why Vishy was critical of some women using Stevo’s name for clout, but supportive of Wanja Kihii doing the same. It is possible that she simply feels that Wanja Kihii is using Stevo’s name in a more legitimate way.

Whatever the reason, Vishy’s comments have sparked a debate about the ethics of using someone else’s name for personal gain. Some people believe that it is wrong to use someone else’s name without their permission, while others believe that it is fair game if the person is benefiting from the association.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they believe is right or wrong. However, Vishy’s comments have certainly raised awareness of the issue and started a conversation about it.

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