Pritty Vishy discusses the difficulties of having a sibling with special needs

Purity Vishenwa, widely known as Pritty Vishy, a digital content creator, brand influencer, and aspiring musician, sheds light on the challenges she faces while living with her autistic sister. She also urges the public to refrain from offering unsolicited advice to caregivers of children with special needs.

Expressing her frustration, Vishy is heard addressing her unresponsive younger sister, lamenting the difficulties they encounter. “Umenikasirisha sana, umenivunja moyo,” (You have angered me so much, you have broken my heart), she expresses.

In a conversation with someone in the background, Vishy discusses additional challenges, including her sister’s interference with household food. “Amemix hiyo mkate na maji,” (She has mixed all that bread with water), she remarks.

Reflecting on her experiences, Vishy cautions against offering unwarranted advice to caregivers of autistic and special needs children, emphasizing the importance of allowing guardians to navigate the unique needs of their children without interference.

She shares her frustration, stating, “Raising an autistic kid is not a joke,” and urges others to refrain from commenting if they lack firsthand experience.

Recalling the chaos her sister caused early in the morning, Vishy describes the extensive mess created in the kitchen and bathroom, leaving her overwhelmed and unable to clean up due to anger.

In conclusion, Vishy shares her distressing experiences, shedding light on the daily challenges faced by caregivers of children with special needs.

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