Pritty Vishy Opens Up On Getting Married To A Thief While In Class 7

Content creator Purity Vishenwa, better known as Pritty Vishy, has opened up about her three failed marriages. In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Vishy revealed that she was married for the first time when she was in class seven. Her husband was a gangster, and she found out that he was a thief when her mother threatened to raid their matrimonial home with police.

“So venye huyo boy alikuja akaambiwa na majirani ‘wee mama huyo dem alikua hapa na amesema atakuletea mapolisi’. Kumbe alikua mwizi mi naye sijui. So ikabidi ametafuta mahali atakua analala so mi nalala kwa nyumba pekeangu but mchana tuko wote.”

Vishy’s second marriage was to a married man. She said that she didn’t know he was married when she met him, and that she found out about it later on. The marriage ended after a few months, and Vishy said that she was “heartbroken.”

Vishy’s third marriage was also to a married man. She said that she was “desperate” for love at the time, and that she didn’t think about the consequences of marrying a married man. The marriage ended after a few years, and Vishy said that she was “devastated.”

Vishy claims that she is now single and focused on her career. She said that she has learned from her past mistakes, and that she is not looking for marriage right now.

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