Pritty Vishy Set To Undergo Plastic Surgery

Content creator Pritty Vishy has shared that she’s interested in doing a plastic surgery due to public pressure. According to the damsel, the pressure has been too much from netizens; and she has now given in.

During a Q&A session via her Instagram stories, she answered a fan who asked her if she’s still doing the surgery;

”Yes, I want to do one, and yooh, just wait for me.”

Pritty Vishy’s interest in plastic surgery was expedited by the news of the death of Kim-Kardashian’s look-alike.

Pritty Vishy has on several occasions been criticized for her looks- not forgetting being body-shamed too.

Even after advocating for positive criticism, her bullies are always after her.

“To all my plus-sized babes, hunny, wear that dress or cloth that you feel will showcase your body; be free with your body, and accept yourself.” The influencer once posted.

Pritty is currently hitting the gym to get that $exy physique she’s been longing for. Do you think plastic surgery will help her?




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