Pritty Vishy’s Mother Open To Dating

Kibra rapper Pritty Vishy’s mother has been getting unwanted attention from young men who want to date her. She has spoken out against it, warning them to keep off. Vishy’s mother says that she is a woman who needs to be loved, but she is not interested in players or immature men.
She talked about Vishy’s father saying;

“Babake alikuwa sperm donor, halafu nikijana wa miaka chini na mimi alafu aanze kusema huyu ni shuga mummy? she opined.

She is looking for a mature man who knows how to treat a woman with respect.

“Okay sijasema vijana hawako mature. Inalingana na maturity ya mtu. I do believe you can get a very mature young man. ajue tuu huyu ni mwanamke nimepata same kama nimgepata akiwa young.”  she told Ben 10s who think they can take advantage of an older single mother.

Vishy’s mother continued;

“He should know I am also a woman who needs to be loved, sababu sisi wanawake tunahitaji kupendwa na wanaume wanahitaji heshima, but it’s not all who are disrespectful, mostly the young, they are unmature and want you to mother them, anataka sasa yeye ndiye akunyonyange akikudanganya I love you baby siku”

Vishy’s mother has been through a lot in her life, and she is not looking to be taken advantage of. She is looking for a man who will love and appreciate her for who she is.

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