From rags to riches: Nyota Ndogo shares a photo of the room she called home back in the day, her bedding’s will make you shed a tear

Image: Nyota Ndogo

Most of the celebrities we see living large actually started from the bottom. They however had to work extra harder to get where they are right now and one of them is Nyota Ndogo.

The coast based singer has always made it known that before she began her musical career, she worked as a house help and things were not as such.

She also talks about the struggles she has faced and this is why she continues to stay humble till date. Just recently the singer shared a photo of the room she used to live in back in the day before her music career picked up.

Judging from the photo, Nyota Ndogo slept on the with a tiny mattress and a light blanket to get her through the cold nights. She also had one plastic chair that was her only furniture in the single room

From the caption she reveals how she used to sell deep fries potatoes just to make ends meet….she wrote,

Nilianzia hapa.niliuza viazi karai mahabri kila siku hasubui jioni naenda kuimba na band.MUNGU siwezi kusahau uliponitoa.


Checkout the photo she shared below:

Nyota Ndogo
Nyota Ndogo’s room back in the day

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