Rangwe police officer detained after defiling 17-year-old girl in the cells

A male police officer was arrested in Rangwe, Kenya, on Sunday after being linked to the defilement of a 17-year-old girl in a cell at the local police station.

The officer, whose name has not been released, was arrested after the girl reported the matter to the police. A police report indicated that the suspect took advantage of darkness at the station to commit the sexual offence.

The girl was under police protection on grounds that she was to testify against her father who was also accused of defiling her at their home.

Since the Rangwe police station has no protection unit, the girl was taken to a female cell to sleep overnight.

It is reported that the officer sneaked into the cell and defiled the girl. There was no power at the time the officer sneaked into the cell where the girl was.

Homa Bay police commander Samson Kinne said they are kin on the medical examination report to know whether there was penetration or not.

The girl has been taken to Rangwe Hospital for a medication examination.

The case was immediately booked and reported to senior police officers.

“The suspect is in our custody for further interrogation. The girl was being protected to avoid any compromise as she was supposed to testify in court,” Kinne said.

The investigation file will be presented to the Directorate of Public Prosecution for further advice.

“The suspect was found walking within Rangwe town before he was arrested and put in custody,” he added.

Speaking over the matter on Monday, Homa Bay Children’s officer Joseph Otieno said they got a report that the officer defiled the minor.

A female officer who was also on duty that night together with the suspect is reported to have visited the cell at around 10 pm but did not immediately learn about the defilement incident.

“The girl told the female officer that she would share some information with her the following morning. The officer left before she was given the information,” Otieno said.

The girl later narrated the ordeal to the female officer.

Otieno said they would arraign the suspect in court.

This is a disturbing case of a police officer allegedly abusing his power to defile a minor. The police have said that they are investigating the matter and that the suspect will be charged.

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