Rayvanny and baby mama expecting baby number 2 months after singer dumped Paula Kajala

Kenyans like to say mapema ndo best and in this case I guess Fahyma understood the assignment and soon as Rayvanny came back to her – the ovaries couldnt keep calm and guess what….baby number 2 is already on the way.

Well we confirmed this through several videos shared online and looking at her – its obvious to see how grown the baby bump is….which also leaves me wondering how far along she is because, didnt Rayvanny and Paula Kajala breakup about 4 months ago?

Wait…wait…(me being a woman) I can clearly tell you that Fahyma is way past first trimester and the size of the bump can confirm that. Which now leaves me convinced Rayvanny was double dealing at the time and luckily for his baby mama….she scored another one.

Rayvanny dumping Paula Kajala

Well like i said, chances are that Rayvanny was involved with both women at the time but looking at their life goals and what they can offer him apart from beauty – he then opted for his baby mama who has proven to be a hustler from the word go.

However I kind of feel like he already knew there was no feature between him and Paula Kajala – but because of his music career he kept her close until his NLM record label got the recognition it needed, before he dipped.

I also feel that as much as this stunt was hyped by WCB family –  these guys did Paula Kajala wrong especially since she was just another hormone possessed teenager

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