Rayvanny’s move from WCB was expected but he did it right

Image: Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny

Rayvanny has officially left WCB. By now, that should be old news (well, it should be if you read Ghafla as religiously as you should). But the manner in which he did it allowed Diamond Platnumz to not just save face but also put him in the frame of mind to help him out whenever the need arises.

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This is a sharp contrast from the manner in which Harmonize left WCB (Wasafi Classics Baby -God this is a cringey name) because when he left, he made sure to burn every bridge available and while many of his fans would love to argue that this did nothing to deter his career, the truth is that it stunted it to some degree.

You see, when Rayvanny left, he made sure to not talk ill of the studio that had been responsible for his discovery and nurturing of his talent. There has been no acrimony and no drama. He simply served out the duration of his contract and bid his former team adieu.

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This was actually a smart move because it allowed him to learn from the management team of the biggest record label in East and Central Africa. He was literally seated on the shoulders of giants and learning about more than just the craft of music production but also about the music business.

Rayvanny with baby mama, Paula

It’s been six years since we started working together. My team, my family WCB Wasafi, love and unity has been very instrumental in the success of our team.
I have learned a lot and also we have achieved a lot together. I was the first Tanzanian artiste to win a BET award. I have been the first artiste to perform on big platforms like the MTV EMAs stage, Dubai Expo and many more.

Contrast this to the way in which Rayvanny’s former teammate did things. He went as far as to try to break his contract. When he tried justifying this move, he claimed that when he signed the contract, he didn’t know any better. And he eventually had to buy out his contract.

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From there, he has since been trying to compete with Diamond Platnumz without realising that he should be focusing on his career. It’s really crazy when you think about it because while Diamond has been performing internationally and continues to get a lot of praise from international stars, Harmonize has been unable to grow from being a local and regional artist.

Rayvanny stuck around until he was helped to get onto the international platform. He waited under Diamond’s wings and bid his time until he was even able to surpass the accolades his former boss has earned.

And now that the time is right, he is starting to do his own thing with complete confidence knowing he is dead of even Harmonize. In East Africa, you’d be hard-pressed to compare him to most of his peers.

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