Rayvanny opens up about his success since leaving WCB and talks about the artiste signed to replace him

Tanzanian singer Rayvanny has had a roller coaster year in 2023, marked by both personal achievements and professional setbacks. Despite facing two bans from the Tanzanian regulatory body, Basata, Rayvanny managed to secure three prestigious awards, solidifying his position as one of Tanzania’s most celebrated artists.

In a recent interview, Rayvanny expressed his pride in his accomplishments, particularly the recognition he received from his home country. “This is significant for the country because, you know, you might have a song that people have recorded in their countries, with production from there. Still, mine is entirely Tanzanian. Everything was done here, and this is huge,” he stated.

Despite his own success, Rayvanny also took the time to commend D Voice, a new artist who replaced him at the record label WCB Wasafi following his departure last year. Rayvanny expressed admiration for D Voice’s work ethic and encouraged him to persevere in the face of challenges. “I have talked to him (D Voice). We used to communicate even before his break through. He is a hardworking artiste. He should persevere because this is just the beginning,” Rayvanny said.

Rayvanny’s decision to leave WCB Wasafi after six years of collaboration came as a surprise to many. At the time, he explained that his decision was driven by a desire to explore new opportunities for personal growth and to support the development of upcoming artists. “It is my time to leave home and start a new life… I leave, and others get helped. I will be helping other young musicians wherever I am going. I was helped to get to this level,” he wrote on Instagram.

Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny’s mentor, expressed his support for the decision, commenting, “NLM President! Let’s Gooooooo!

Despite the challenges he faced in 2023, Rayvanny’s resilience and commitment to his craft have undoubtedly contributed to his continued success. He remains a prominent figure in the Tanzanian music industry and continues to inspire aspiring artists.

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