Reality of single motherhood dawns on young Tiffany Muikamba, she calls out deadbeat baby daddy – Bensoul

It’s been a few weeks since Tiffany Muikamba welcomed her first child – a baby that was conceived during a fling with Bensoul, who allegedly is playing hide and seek when it comes to helping out with the newborn.

Well at this point i am not sure who to blame between the two since it appears Bensoul wanst ready for the father duties; and judging from how these modern men carry themselves – i am pretty sure Bensoul had a solution in mind to which Tiffany may have refused and now – shes handling the baby alone.

Every year it’s always the same story but just with different characters, time and date – no wonder Kenyans have mastered the art of character development. Anyway throwing shade at her absent baby daddy, Muikamba recently shared a post that read;


Bitterness building up

I can only imagine life for Muikamba now that she is dealing with the sleepless nights, breastfeeding, financial stress and still catch her baby daddy enjoying life on social media. Believe me, its tough and more than ever – i bet she understands what it means to be called a mother.

Tiffany Muikamba’s baby daddy, Bensoul

However lucky for her – she appears to have a strong support system around her…and maybe very soon (give it 2 years) she will quit attacking her baby daddy.

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