Redsan opens up about his 4 children that many know nothing about

Dancehall artist Swabri Mohammed aka Redsan has managed to keep his celebrity life away from his private life; hence limiting fans on what they can and cannot know about this singer.

Unlike most celebrities we have in the country, Redsan chose to have a low key wedding and since then he has not only kept his wife off his pages; but also his 4 kids that most of his fans knew nothing about.

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However speaking with Churchill during Churchill shows season 10 episode 16; the husband and father for the first time went on to disclose unknown information about his family. According the artist his children are as talented as he is; but being a parent who wants the best for his kids, therefore he prefers encouraging them to work harder in school. He said;

Redsan hanging out with Churchill

There is one who rhymes. I tell him soma kwanza, sitaki noma. Kwanza the way the industry is hard, I tell him school first.

Father of 3 princesses and a prince

Having 3 daughters has not only been a blessing for him; but has become a source of joy having to raise the 3 princesses. He however went on to add that his youngest child is a 2 year old boy who has been one of his biggest challenges; since the young man keeps the entire family on their toes.

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The firstborn is turning nine, then there is a six-year-old and then a four-year-old, and the lastborn is two years. The lastborn is a boy, he pelekas me mbio. He is into TV and music, but mazee, I tell him to hold on.

Speaking about why he has chosen to keep them under wraps for so many years; Redsan went on to reveal that his wife already advised him against publicizing the kids due to cyberbullying. He went on to say;

There is so much disadvantage, especially kwanza huku East Africa, sijui ni nini mbaya. You might decide to expose your family then people compare and criticize them.

And lastly speaking about the family issue, he said:

Things like your outfit can be a topic. She [wife] always tells me to keep my family life away from social media, to post my work and nothing else. She says the family and my work should be two very different entities.

Watch the video below courtesy of Churchill show.

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