“He coached Shakilla and even approached me with a lucrative offer” Ringtone exposes Xtian’s shady business deals in ugly comeback

Image: Ringtone Apoko hits back at Xtian Dela

Ringtone Apoko has come out to expose the dark under dealings between Xtian Dela and his crew of exposers who allegedly sign an agreement to falsely tarnish celebrities, at a fee.

In a blunt expose online, the controversial gospel kid decided to let the cat out of the bag, revealing what actually goes on behind the scenes before Xtian Dela invites the kind of Shakillas to his InstaLive.

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In what he termed breaking news, Mr Apoko disclosed that Xtian had coached a 19-year old Shakilla to name big celebrities on the list of 30 men she claimed to have bedded.

So, after Ringtone went on an angry rant online soon after the nasty expose, Xtian supposedly approached him with a lucrative offer.

“Xtian Dela told me he can turn this into a big thing and help market me and my brand,” spilled Ringtone.


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The deal

That is when Ringtone pulled down his online rant and Xtian decided to offer him an InstaLive session that very night, claiming it would be the biggest show ever.

Ringtone Apoko

So I told him, a long as it won’t taint my image, then it’s okay,” affirmed Ringtone. The offer on the table was that Apoko gives Xtian a sum KSh100k but Ringtone insisted he would give in KSh20k first and if the deal goes to his advantage, then he will pay up the rest.

Xtian was to conduct some backdoor investigations to find out what Shakilla knows about these celebrities so that they can start from there.


Well, the expose goes on.

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