Risper Faith Opens Up About Weight Loss Journey (Video)

Image: New photo of Risper Faith a month after surgery leaves tongues wagging

Kenyan social media personality Risper Faith recently discussed her weight loss journey in an interview with Obinna TV. She revealed that childbirth contributed to her weight gain, and more importantly, it was affecting her intimacy.

“Nilizaa nikanona nikiwa 120 kilos, siku moja on a Sunday nimeamka tuh hivi bwana ananiambia nimpandilie juu kumpandia juu magoti ikaanza kulia kakaaa…kaa miguu ilikataa.

Hapo ndio nilifika nikaona hii ni rock bottom ya unono. I have to do something about this body weight. Imagine hata huwezi, please mwanaume wako. Style ni ile moja ya kitanda. Aii nikaamua ni hivo na hii weight.” she stated.

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Risper also addressed the tendency for women to accentuate their chests. She suggested it might be linked to breastfeeding, both for their children and partners, and that this practice is a natural consequence of breastfeeding.

“Shida ni sisi tushazaa na tushanyonyesha so…vitu zimelala so lazima niziinue…juu zimelala na lazima tuziamshe.

Previously, Risper had called on critics to focus on self-improvement rather than commenting negatively on her body transformation.

Watch Risper Faith’s full interview;

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