Ruto Acknowledges ‘Zakayo’ Nickname, Files Tax Returns

President William Ruto on Friday acknowledged the nickname “Zakayo” that was given to him by Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking after filing his tax returns at the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Ruto said, “Seems I have already been referred to as Zakayo in some areas. Maybe we will have a tax collectors day.”

Zakayo is a Swahili version of the Biblical Zaccheus, who was the chief tax collector in Jericho. The nickname was given to Ruto in reference to the high cost of living and the introduction of new taxes in different sectors.

Ruto filed his tax returns at the KRA headquarters in Nairobi on Friday morning. He was accompanied by his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua.

The KRA official who served Ruto said that the president had complied with all tax regulations. “You are our very first customer, we have filed the returns and the certificate has been sent to your email,” the official said.

The process took approximately 15 minutes. Ruto’s move is seen as a way of encouraging Kenyans to file their tax returns. The deadline for filing the 2022 tax returns is June 30.

In his remarks after filing his returns, Ruto said that taxes paid by citizens finance projects in the country. He encouraged everyone to follow suit and file their tax returns as required by the law.

“I have always endeavoured to be tax compliant and to remit my taxes in full. This exercise is not a mere dramatization or a publicity stunt, it is an exercise I cherish,” he said.

Ruto also said that the KRA needs to be more friendly to its customers and serve them well. “KRA must acquire a new image, so that when people come to Times Tower, they don’t come here trembling, but come happy to be served,” he said.

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