Salim Swaleh Arrested for Allegedly Aiding Fraudsters in Mudavadi’s Office

The Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary and Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs (OPCS-MFDA), led by Mr. Musalia Mudavadi, has reported a crime scene involving insider assistance to fraudsters.


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According to a statement issued by Peter Warutere, the Secretary for Strategic Communication in Mudavadi’s office, an investigation is underway into a group of fraudsters and government officers who facilitated their operations at OPCS-MFDA, located in the Kenya Railways building.

On Saturday, detectives arrested individuals who had been posing as government officials, gaining easy access to and from Mudavadi’s office. Among those arrested was Mr. Salim Swaleh, Director of OPCS Press Service, whose office was allegedly the hub of the fraudulent activities.

“The surveillance was able to also track and identify their co-conspirators, among them government officers who facilitated their dastardly activities. Those arrested include Salim Swaleh, Director of OPCS Press Service, in whose office the swindlers were found nested with fake door switch-nametags,” part of the statement reads.

The statement details how the arrested individuals had perfected a scheme of “renting” office space to criminals by vacating their offices for the fraudsters’ use or deceptively misrepresenting themselves. This included switching legitimate name tags with fake ones on office doors to further the scams.

“Upon being smoked out in one of the OPCS-MFDA Railway offices where the confidence tricksters had settled in wait for their victims on Saturday, the group had the audacity of attempting to bribe their way out,” the statement adds.


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The operation was successful due to a tipoff that alerted OPCS-MFDA security, leading to intense surveillance at the Railways Office to disrupt the nefarious acts of impersonation and misuse of the facility by the fraudsters.

“The surveillance involved tracking a group masquerading as visitors. They would individually gain entrance into the Railways Building on different dates and times by falsifying their identities as VIP guests or government officers, and the officers they purported to be visiting.”

Additionally, the government stated that the victims of the fraud were mainly foreigners who were brought into the office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary to meet high-ranking government officers in exchange for bribes.

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