Samidoh’s relative vehemently denies dating Oga Obinna

Samidoh’s alleged cousin, Bernice Saroni, has vehemently denied rumors of a romantic relationship with musician Oga Obinna. The businesswoman expressed her disappointment in the spread of such unfounded claims.

One fan questioned Saroni’s stance against dating married men, given the alleged relationship with Obinna. “So she said she does not date married men, and this what?” the fan commented.

Saroni responded with frustration, stating, “Woiee, inauma sana (it hurts so much). My friend, I do not share.”

The rumors originated from a video Saroni shared on her TikTok account, showing her with an unidentified dark-skinned man. Sharp-eyed internet users noticed that the man was wearing a black watch and ring strikingly similar to Obinna’s.

Further fueling the speculation, Saroni posted a picture of herself and the mystery man enjoying breakfast, accompanied by a love ballad playing in the background.

In response to the growing buzz, Obinna took to his social media page to share a photo of his accessories, captioned “vitu hufanana” (they resemble each other).

Saroni’s denial and Obinna’s attempt to clarify the matter have done little to quell the persistent rumors. Despite their efforts to dispel the claims, the speculation continues to circulate online.

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