Sandra Adacha needs to understand fat acceptance is unhealthy

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Sandra Adacha has come out to declare that she is happy with her size and upset that her fans keep suggesting she loses weight. I mean, I am happy she is happy with herself but at this point, we need to call out delusion.

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You see, I don’t think it would come as news to anyone that she is obese. Infact morbidly obese. And the general advice she is getting is actually sound advice that I would suggest she takes seriously. Even though some people are making this suggestion out of spite, but this is a case of the chaff from the wheat and having to separate it.

Actress Sandra Dacha

Sandra Adacha is also probably not looking to lose weight because it is part of her brand. She is “biggest machine” and that weight is part of what people have grown to expect from her. But that is like making an identity out of being an alcoholic. Both are lifestyle choices that largely only affect the individual but they are unhealthy lifestyle choices.

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Talking about being healthy at every size is a lie that has been debunked over and over again to the point where it is now just common sense for you to know obesity is not healthy nor is it beautiful.

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However, having said that last part, I have to also acknowledge the fact that she is dating a married guy who obviously like her as she is but that does not mitigate the fact that it is simply not healthy. Sandra Adacha is at the point where she needs to do the hard things that will essentially save her life.

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And it is scary because it will be the biggest challenge of her life. She will have to make a lifestyle change that would very easily affect her finances but the truth is, it’s not that deep. Kenyans will adjust to her new weight and healthier size with more appreciation than she can imagine.

Renowned actress, Silprosa aka Sandra Dacha

She will have more energy, she will get sick less often and probably even eliminate some of the lifestyle diseases she has to contend with but more importantly for us, she will not be asking us to contribute for her medical bills in the foreseeable future because she will be an overall more healthy individual.

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