Sarah Kabu Has Some Great Advice On Marriage

Sarah Kabu is giving dating advice that is actually pretty brilliant. She took to her social media account to tell her female fans that they need to learn to forgive their wayward spouses.

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But she was sure to also warn them not to simply trust them once they are caught cheating. But the brilliance in her advice is in the assumption that alot of these women are dealing with high value men.

Sarah Kabu
Power couple, Sarah and Simon Kabu

You see, Sarah Kabu is well aware that women are more than willing to share a dominant man. She is well aware that there aren’t alot of great men to go around so whenever a woman does finally happen to be selected by one, then she will probably have to share him with others.

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And Kenyan women like to bullshit about them not wanting another woman’s man or having a man who is with other women but there is a reason why the most popular female celebrities are often the women who have managed to get with married men.

Sarah Kabu

Sarah Kabu knows that this is a reality most married women will also have to go through because of pre-selection. Basically, that describes the fact that women are more than willing to pursue men who other women have tried and tested.

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As a result, there will be some heartbreaks but that is because men and women love differently. A man can essentially sleep with a woman and it wouldn’t mean anything. He will still come home to love his wife.

Sarah Kabu
Simon Kabu birthday

Sarah Kabu has been married long enough to understand that men and women need different things from each other but as long as they are committed to a singular objective, they can make things work.

But you know, society will try to suppress this truth because it is trying to push a nonsense notion of Disney type of love.

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