Sarah Kabu makes u turn on dumping Simon Kabu, instead begs him for forgiveness

Sarah Kabu isn’t sure of what she wants. Actually I feel that she still has so much going on in her head, that she’s ready to settle for any less dramatic solution- just to have a peaceful environment.

Barely 48 hours after her candid interview with Christina Lewis The Voice Of East Africa, Sarah Kabu now says she wants to work things between her and hubby, Simon Kabu. This however comes at a time when Sarah had already made it known, she’s done and dusted from her marriage which was full of issues.

Sarah Kabu

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Judging from what she said, it’s obvious to see there is struggle of power in terms of property ownership. This is mainly because Simon Kabu already has two grown kids from previous relationships – and may be after their dad’s wealth – which Sarah says is her sweat.

You try to build your empire and then the money goes to support his blood. To me, they are not part of me. There is nothing we can do about it. I take it as a charity project.


It has not been a big deal since I have been on the journey by even guiding him to some of the good schools he can take them. But for me, he should carry his own cross.

Sarah Kabu begs for forgiveness

Just by reading what she said about Kabu’s other kids can tell you the kind of woman Sarah Kabu is; and no, no one is forcing them on her but come on…there’s enough to go around for the 4 kids, no?

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Anyway being in Simon Kabu’s shoes, of course you don’t expect the guy to tarnish his wife’s image by telling his side of story; but again with age comes wisdom – which Simon portrayed well.

With the Kabu drama coming to an end, Sarah has issued apology to husband saying;

Sorry, my fam. When I was in distress I said things that I shouldn’t have said online and thus misleading. Life is a lesson and we learn every day. Forgive me, Simon. Let’s sort our issues off-line. All is well. Please keep us in prayers #MarriageWorks.

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