Sarah Kabu Reveals Plans Of Getting A Butt Lift Surgery

Image: Mrs Sarah Kabu

The managing director of Bonfire Adventures, Sarah Kabu, has taken offense with those who think she should have Botox.

The 45-year-old businesswoman says that her husband, Simon Kabu, loves her for who she is and that she will soon appear better than all of her critics, who are thus enraged, therefore the taunts are worthless.

Sarah said that she was just getting started in response to the criticism on her TikTok account.

The mother of two reaffirmed that she intended to have a BBL in addition to liposuction, and that she was also considering lightening her skin tone.

All of a sudden, Sarah has decided to accept her destiny as a kidnapped infant! “Am I the first person from Kenya to get Botox? Let’s see how it goes,” Kabu stated

“Then I bleach. Next year liposuction and booty lift will be a must for the people who like to insult me. I will soon look better than you, just like how you always want.

I am tired of being insulted here, but my person is okay with having a Kienyeji original,” the last of her post read.

Kabu is among the numerous female Kenyan celebrities who have undergone surgery to enhance their looks.

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