Shakilla knows deep down inside kenyans are not buying her Tory Lanez story

Shakilla wants you to know she is not a local socialite but an international one who made $3000 for just twerking while on an international call with one Tory Lanez.

Not quite sure where that came from….i mean we were already aware that she can shake her nyash and still remember what she did to the poor remote….but about the Tory Lanez payment story mmmmmh not so sure. I say this because Shakilla loves the attention and i am 100% sure she would have announced this years ago…..so why mention it now?

Well the only reason i can think of is none other than a clout chasing stunt….how else would you explain the sudden oh i got paid Ksh 300,000 just to dance post?

Shakilla doing the most

If you remember well, just the other day she was out here telling us she wants to feature in adult film (thats if she has not already started) and although we also dont know where that came from…..all we could see is a young lady fighting to remain relevant with a controversial post.

However at this point, tushajua Shakilla anapenda vipindi which is why Kenyans remain unbothered about her Tory story. I mean, inatuhusu aje and wait…if she got the money as she says, why is it that she had to feature on Eric Omondi’s reality shows….na yeye ni superstar? Shakilla anafaa kuzima hiyo kitu…period.

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