Sheila Wegesha’s former husband reflects on their history as a dancer is finally laid to rest

Sheila Wegesha, the late fervent Ohangla enthusiast, was laid to rest on Wednesday, May 29, at the home of her estranged ex-husband, amidst a somber and tense atmosphere.

Speaking at his residence where Sheila was interred, Sergeant Samwel Odoyo, Sheila’s former husband, opened up about their relationship before her untimely demise.


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“I am Samwel Odoyo Jalang’o, a police sergeant. Sheila is my wife; I married her, and her family knows me well. I wouldn’t have brought her here if her family didn’t know me,” Odoyo asserted, underlining the legitimacy of their marriage.

Despite their separation, Odoyo and Sheila maintained communication, primarily due to their shared responsibility of co-parenting.

“Challenges arise, and when they do, we should handle them maturely. Sheila was a hardworking woman, and despite our differences, we remained in touch because of our co-parenting duties,” Odoyo elaborated.

The couple had three children together, a bond that kept their lives intertwined even after their split.

The grief of Sheila’s family, particularly her adoptive mother, was evident.


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She directed her frustration towards the family of Jack Bamboo, Sheila’s boyfriend and the main suspect in her murder.

The presence of Bamboo’s family at the burial further fueled the adoptive mother’s anger. She made it clear that she did not consider them her in-laws and insisted that her son and Sheila were merely friends.

Luo cultural traditions played a significant role in the burial arrangements. According to these customs, a woman who cohabits with another man cannot be buried by that man unless he has paid her dowry.

Since Jack Bamboo failed to fulfill this obligation, Sheila’s body was brought to Odoyo’s home, in compliance with the cultural requirement that she be buried at the home of the man who paid her dowry.

Authorities continue to pursue Jack Bamboo, who remains the primary suspect in Sheila’s murder.

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