Singer Bahati Maintains His Jubilee Ticket For Mathare MP (Video)

Musician Bahati is over the moon after he retained his Jubilee ticket for Mathare MP after being threatened to step down from vying a few weeks ago. Bahati was in tears after his nominations turned out successful but the current MP MP Anthony Oluoch was favoured over him.

Addressing the issue, Bahati maintained that he would not step down at any cost; adding that he’s the only one who knew the struggles of Mathare youth. In tears, Bahati stated;

”I want to state in a very humble way… For this one, you have to understand I can not step down for someone that has not helped my people… Do not kill the hearts of the youths in Mathare. I can not step down for someone that has used Mathare to benefit himself. No, I will not… And you become this unfair to me. Will there be any other youth vying in the near future?”

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Bahati flaunting his Jubilee Ticket-Google

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Bahati has shown exuberance upon maintaining his ticket for Mathare on Nicholas Kioko’s channel; where he flaunted the certificate.

” Tulikuwa na mambo mingi but just to confirm that I have my ticket. And I’m in the ballot with the Jubilee ticket.”

Bahati remained optimistic about clinching the Mathare MP seat as he continued;

 ”And I can promise that I’m the next member of parliament Mathare. And thank you so much to my party Jubilee for the opportunity to run for the Jubilee party as a member of parliament.”

Watch Bahati’s full interview video below;

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