Singer Timmy TDat finally reveals the real reason why he quit NRG Radio

Singer Timmy TDat has finally revealed why he quit NRG Radio just months after joining.

The singer was working as presenter alongside Mwalimu Rachael but left silently without giving a clear reason why. In an interview with a TV station, the singer explained that he had to leave the station because of his fans.

First love

He confessed that balancing the two careers wasn’t easy and at the end of the day, he had to go back to his first love which was music.

Not necessarily for the money but first of all it’s for the love of my fans because walinipenda kwa ile kitu walinijua nayo which is music. Number two mziki ni kitu flani iko very jealous ukitry kuishare na kitu ingine ni tricky. It’s either itaenda down ama italost. So ikabidi nimequit hio works kwa tenje ni focus on mziki,” said Timmy.

The NRG Transit was a new show they were co-hosting every weekday from 3pm – 7pm till Timmy left.

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