Singer Wahu Opens Up On Why There’s No Scandal Between Her And Hubby Nameless

You have probably not heard any scandals about singer Wahu Kagwi and her hubby Nameless after they got married. Most celebrity couples nowadays have several cheating scandals. We have seen most of the celebrity marriages ending in separation after they all seemed promising. This is not the case for Wahu and Nameless.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, Wahu says that they are both introverts and speak about their problems before they get worse and reach social media.

”But also I think our nature, me and Nameless, tuko very introverted. People will not see us out there so much… I think that maybe helps to some extent, I don’t know. But, yeah, we really try as much as possible mambo ya nyumbani iwe mambo ya nyumbani, mambo ya business iwe mambo ya business.”

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Not many couples are actually respected in the country as much as the two. Wahu is also a business woman, while her husband is an architect. With both having this careers, they decide to take on music as their passion.

However, it’s important to note that they’ve also had marital challenges. At some point, Nameless revealed he once moved out of his matrimonial home out to catch a ‘break’.

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According to Wahu, things change in relationships when you realize you have to be in charge of own happiness. Nameless also says that he they differ in many ways but they try to understand each other’s perspective. This keeps them going.

The two are yet to release a song together, but they seem to have plans to do something soon. It will definitely be a banger.

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