“Sisi kitu inatunyonga tu, ni economy” Netizens react to Amber Ray’s provocative photo

Sex sells. Yes it does and if you want to argue about it, you can choke on it. Wait, speaking of choking – have you seen Amber Ray’s photos with Kennedy Rapudo?

Amber Ray

Well – all i can say that it sucks to be Jimal Rohosafi at this moment to think he ruined his own family for Amber Ray….and while he tries to fix what he broke – his ex girlfriend is busy showing us her kinky side on social media.

Believe it or not – her latest photos have left a few CEO’s running to the DM now that they know what Amber likes….and choking…damn girl…TMI? Anyway as kinky as it sounds – i now know why many single mums love to hate on Amber Ray….she makes them look like a joke with her bold stunts yet her son is a teenager.

Netizens react

Well, judgimg from the comments left by fans under Amber Ray’s photos, most were quick to talk about the 3rd slide where Rapudo’s hand is seen choking Amber Ray’s neck….na hii baridi all many could think of is how the economy continues to choke their pockets.

Like honestly…werent you just paid the other day and today you’re literally choking every remaining coin in the account?

Anyway below are few reactions from fans reacting to the naughty photo….wait. wait….also isnt she the same person who was accused of pushing for Bush sex? Amber Ray wewe….

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