Sitambui pesa za Eric Omondi – Jacque Maribe

Image: Co-parents, Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi

Former media heavyweight Jacque Maribe has made hints about her own personal growth.

Her baby daddy, Eric Omondi, boasted about his fortune by flashing cash in a post where she was tagged, and Maribe replied with a mysterious statement.

Eric Omondi was heard and spotted criticizing comedian Obinna on his social media channels for implying that he is using money obtained illegally to carry out publicity stunts like handing out unga.

A Jacque Maribe supporter named Mercie Kariuki directly questioned Jackie on social media about whether the comedian had started providing child support for their son.

Omondi has been charged with being a deadbeat father by Jackie in the past.

She stated in a comment:

Jacque, huyu jamaa alianza kulipa child support ama tumfanyie ile kitu?”

Jacque Maribe replied:

“I am okay. Why do you think I would need that? I am Mrs. K. That is all. I do not have a problem with child support.”

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