Size 8 reveals Bahati’s prediction about miscarriages in their marriage

Gospel minister Linet Munyali, widely known as Size 8, has shared how musician Bahati prophesied that she would experience miscarriages in her marriage. This revelation occurred during her appearance on ‘The Bahati’s Empire’, where Size 8 also criticized Bahati for his current music and lifestyle choices since transitioning from gospel to secular music.


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Directly addressing Bahati, Size 8 reminded him of his strong spiritual connection before his shift to secular music.

“Size 8, I haven’t changed. I am still the same Bahati. I just don’t post my prayers,” Bahati replied, attempting to assure her of his unwavering faith.

Size 8 recounted a significant prophecy Bahati had shared early in their marriage.

“Bahati, do you remember when you told me that as a serious gospel artist and a gospel flag-bearer, I would face challenges? When I was two months into my marriage, you warned me that the devil would try to use miscarriages to break DJ Mo and me apart,” she recalled.


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Explaining his perspective on the prophecy, Bahati recounted the conversation.

“I remember calling Size 8 while I was along Kiambu Road. I told her that she would face an attack, possibly a miscarriage or something negative. But I always believe that when God speaks, He provides a solution. I prepared her for the victory that would follow,” he clarified.

Regarding his current musical direction, Bahati defended himself, stating: “I left the gospel scene when I was still Kenya’s top gospel artist. I still believe I am the best gospel artist. But what defines gospel? They say gospel resides in the heart.”

He further justified his actions, explaining that some of his videos involve acting.

“At times, we create content to show our fans that we are keeping up. It’s nothing serious. None of my songs are bad,” he emphasized.

Over the years, Size 8 has suffered two miscarriages in her marriage due to complications such as high blood pressure.

In 2020, she disclosed that the miscarriage she experienced in 2018 deeply impacted their relationship.

“We fought a lot and blamed each other because we didn’t know how to cope. It was a tough period, but our son brought us closer together and helped us support one another,” Size 8 reflected.

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