‘Some People Never Learn!’ Jalang’o Blasts Omosh For Claiming He Received Less Than Ksh 1 Million

After receiving financial aid from generous Kenyans 3 months ago, former Tahidi High actor Omosh is seeking financial aid for the 2nd time! In less than 4 months, the actor is alleged to have squandered over Ksh 1 Million.

Media mogul Jalang’o was on the frontline when Omosh’s story first came out. He helped in raising funds for him; and even helped him to be able to reach a wider audience for contribution. He received pledges from citizens, and some sent him money directly. He was also offered free land, where he’s currently doing finishing touches before moving in. At that time, Omosh could be seen in tears of joy while promising to use the money he got wisely.

Ironically, Omosh is now back again, seeking financial aid from Kenyans. Well, of course there has been wild reaction from netizens, including Jalang’o, who is quite devastated.


”Some people never learn! I can easily assure that omosh got more than 1m from my show…personally in cash he got more than 700k then the people who sent money directly to him! I hosted him 2 weeks after he came out …people had already started sending him money! @zeroheropropertiesltd got him land and @sungtimber1 built him a house! @honalinur gave him food worth 60k and another 100k in cash !! Hii ni ujinga tu!”

Most celebrities have also bashed Omosh over the same. Evidently, this time, no one will be willing to help him out.

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