Stevo Simple Boy Blames His Manager After Fainting On Stage

Kenyan musician Stevo Simple Boy caused a stir on Friday night (March 16th, 2024) when he fainted during a live interview on Citizen TV’s “10 Over 10” show.

While initial concerns arose about his health, Simple Boy later downplayed the incident, attributing it to stress caused by his manager’s recent departure. He even took the opportunity to publicly urge his manager, Chingiboy Mstado, to reconcile for the sake of their work together.

The incident unfolded as Simple Boy recounted his experiences growing up in Kibera. He reportedly stumbled mid-sentence before collapsing on stage. The show was temporarily halted while medical personnel attended to him.

He commented on his Manager via his Instagram, asking him to come back so that they can work together.

Thankfully, fans received positive news later in the program. Host Azeezah Hashim connected with Simple Boy via phone, putting him on speaker to assure everyone he was doing well. “Nko sawa” (I’m okay), he confirmed.

Music industry figures also offered their well wishes. Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), expressed relief upon learning of Simple Boy’s recovery.

“Glad to hear that Stivo Simple Boy is fine,” Mutua wrote on social media. “Watching him collapse was scary… Good to hear he’s ok now. God loves you my friend. You have more music to make!”

Stivo is now taking time to rest as he contemplates on his next move.

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